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Excessive sediment and pollutants introduced into critical water bodies can cover natural habitats and result in reduced oxygen concentrations and increased water temperatures, jeopardizing the overall health of the environment. This damage can have a severe detrimental economic and environmental impact on industries and communities. At HaloKlear, they believe in protecting the environment, naturally.


Their natural flocculants clean dirty water and allow clean water to be released, reused or up cycled.

Bee-line was retained to evolve the HaloKlear brand, and provide winning content to appeal to users who are looking for eco-friendly solutions.  Our campaign, “We’ve Never Killed A Fish” was the winning messaging to do the trick.  The messaging resonated with all stakeholders who ultimately want to know they are not harming the environment during the sediment/pollution clean-up process.  Our work included digital marketing, case studies, informational graphics, tradeshow assets and direct marketing.

Is your product complex? We are Bee-line. We are translators that can simplify your message so that your customers will see your product as the solution to their problem.

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